Kitchen: The soul of you home, where daily sustenance comes from.

We specialize in building beautiful kitchens are both functional and well-designed. Chicago Remodeling understands the value of a well-built kitchen, how it is the meeting point of the entire family and how it can bring the whole house together. A good kitchen is spacious, comfortable and well-designed and we offer you a wide variety of options for everything kitchen related. You make the final decision for the materials, colors, stones, fittings and more. We give you the latest in cabinetry, hardware, lighting fixtures; the very best marble, granite, natural stone and tile and artistic backsplashes.

Our design team combines the best in Chicago designers, architects and other workers to give you the best kitchen makeover ever.

We build your dream kitchen in planned and measured steps. It begins with you consulting our designers to come with the master plan for the kitchen. Don’t worry, we know all the right questions to ask. Just tell us in own words everything that you need. We will listen to your answers carefully and create a design that both serves your purpose and looks amazing. We take all factors in to consideration — available space, comfort, efficiency and of course, your budget.

  • Countertops - We make excellent countertops for kitchen and offer a great variety to choose from. Take your pick from marble, natural stone, granite and more and will make one that is perfect for your needs.
  • Sinks and Faucets - Choose from our extensive range of modern sink and faucet designs that combine extreme functionality with great design aesthetics. Be up to date with your selections with out constantly updated catalogues. We will help you make space for your amazing you addition to your kitchen and we will install it for you too.
  • Tiles - We have tile specialists who can make you custom backsplashes, countertops, floors and more. Choose from the best colors and designs.
  • Flooring - Choose from a wide variety of hardwood species to engineered, laminate and vinyl flooring. There’s something for every budget.
  • Cabinets - Combine top-notch functionality with unsurpassed beauty. Equip your kitchen with the latest in storage solutions and forget the days when you simply could not find the right space or the right utensil at the right time.

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The Chicago Remodeling team will take you from the very first plan and design to a beautifully finished kitchen that combines high-level craftsmanship with the best quality materials and fittings. And all of it will be delivered on time and on a great price that fits your budgets.
And here are our thoughts on remodeling, because we believe in sharing our knowledge with those who care to learn.

Remodel A Kitchen In Your Chicago Home

Are you searching for a good reason to remodel your kitchen? More and more Chicago residents are opting to entertain all their guests at home because it is far more impressive when you have an impressive home. And it is also more cost effective in the long run. A beautiful and fully equipped kitchen will bring joy to your home like no other remodeling. It becomes a hub for the family to gather together, a way to impress guests and make them comfortable and the best place to make your daily food.

Renovating, redesigning and remodeling a kitchen is no mean task and it requires expertise and specialization. One needs to maintain what needs no change, decide how to replace the things that do need to go and finally how to do everything while in keeping with the rest of the house. Because the last thing you want is a jarring kitchen that does not match the rest of the house. Hence it is advisable that you hire renovation experts such as ours to avoid making poor and costly decisions that you will end up regretting sooner or later. The benefits of hiring a professional Chicago remodeler to do it instead of attempting such a large scale project on your own or hiring regular contractors far outweigh anything that might influence you against it. A professional remodeling will add resale value to your house that DIY will not in most cases. So you are eventually earning on your investment and not just throwing money away. Not to mention the full benefits of having a great kitchen on your personal, family and social life.

Do some in depth exploration of the various remodeling options that are before you so that you know all about all the things that you add to your kitchen. Think about the kind of cabinets, the style of the countertop, the extra hardware, the chrome fittings and all such things. Even think of the flooring and the back splash. Think of it all.

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Make no mistake — this is the top priority part of your kitchen remodeling.

A good remodeler will give you the cabinet that you want. A great remodeler will give you that cabinet that you really need. Our experience has taught us a great many things about the perfect cabinet and we will pass on those benefits to you by suggesting the cabinet that suits your needs the best. Cabinets will take away a sizeable chunk from your budget, so you should right, down to the very last detail. And above all, you should weigh in all options and talk to your contractor about them. Here are a few points to remember: -

  • An expert contractor will know what cabinet will suit your home the best and can hence be an irreplaceable source for cabinet advice. Remember that your cabinet will not just have to serve your purpose and look great. It will also have to blend in with your house. So you must choose the style that suits the rest of your house. So if you have moved in to a newly made home, it will possibly be quite modern and will need modern cabinets. However, most Chicago homes have classic styling, so they will need traditional needs on the outside to blend in.
  • There are a great variety of options available for both modern and traditional cabinets. You can easily fit traditional cabinets with modern parts on the inside to get the best of both worlds. Choose from various accents, panels, finishes and more.
  • Modern cabinets can be great but make sure to choose minimal designs with clean lines and features. The overtly stylized ones tend to be completely out of place in most places. Don’t buy in to hyped designs because they will reduce the resale value of your home once they go out of style.
  • A general rule of thumb here is to get the very best that your budget can afford instead of trying save some money. The higher you go, the more durable and functional it becomes. Look for thick and durable materials and drawers with at least 75pound capacity. All reputed products come with their own warranties too. By choosing the best, you are ensuring a long life for the beauty and usability of your kitchen.
  • Cabinets can have an amazing amount of functionality built in to them. There are great features to explore, such as pull out shelves that help you reach in to the back without too much hassle. There are built in wine racks and special storage area for pet food. And the classic ideas such as Lazy Susans, large canisters etc. for all round convenience.
  • Consider adding a cutting board to your countertop or your kitchen island. It easily doubles up as a convenient work area.

Kitchen Flooring Choices

Just like the rest of your home, the kitchen flooring can really change the look of your kitchen. There are far too many options to talk about here but here some of the more popular options: -

  • Marble - A beautiful, classy and elegant option that is also very expensive. Hard to maintain in high traffic kitchens.
  • Wood - Looks great and is also a classic look. It requires some work to maintain and needs to be kept free of moisture in any form — water or steam.
  • Tile - Easier to maintain than marble or wood but is too smooth a surface for young children and pets. Also not as durable as stone.
  • Stone - Extremely durable and looks good. But it can become slippery and cause falls.
  • Linoleum - A durable solution with a great many number of finishes and styles. A good practical solution for your kitchen.
  • Vinyl - Vinyl offers an endless array of looks but it also needs to be installed properly or else it can start peeling.
  • Laminate - A great substitute for real hardwood or engineered flooring; has a large number of looks to choose from and is less expensive than traditional wood. However, it is not as stain-resistant or moisture proof as most believe it to be.

Kitchen Countertops

We have many options when it
comes to kitchen countertops, these are just the most popular options: -

  • Granite Counters - If you are not constrained by your budget, then Granite is one of the best materials to make your countertops out of. It is an extremely hard stone and this makes it a very popular choice. It also makes for an excellent investment as it will live for a long time. However, it is important to seal this stone properly and it is not suitable for cutting regularly because it will dull the best of knives.
  • Ceramic Tiles - This are also hardy and long lasting but they are easier to clean and they also last for a very long time. It is also easier to match with your existing décor because of its easily available varieties and colors. It can also withstand a lot of heat. However, it is important to lay tiles very evenly or else they might chip and crack easily.
  • Solid Surface - These countertops are available in a variety of patterns and colors. They are stain resistant and are easily repaired for scratches. They just need a little bit of sanding. However, they cannot be used in high heat situations and are susceptible to staining.
  • Wood or Butcher Block - Wood blocks look beautiful and are a classic choice. They come in many natural colors, textures and can be easily stained and installed. They are perfect for cutting and chopping on. However, they need to be sealed and oiled properly and can easily be damaged by excessive heat and water. They also stain easily.

So as you can imagine, Kitchen remodeling is no mean task. It requires finesse, understanding, dedication and a lot of other things. It is always a good idea to call the experts in on this one and let the experience remodelers handle it for you. If done correctly the remodeling will add instant value to your home and will last for many years to come.

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